About Our Organization

Nature’s Flowers is a privately held, international company that grows and sells fresh-cut flowers through various mass-market channels across the United States.

Our Designers

Two of the most talented designers in the industry help us keep our floral designs on trend and flying out of coolers.

Paul Miller

Talmage McLaurin

We Grow the Highest Quality Flowers in Supermarkets Today.

Nature’s Flowers is now one of the largest exporters of fresh-cut flowers out of Colombia, in the world. Through a determined focus on the freshest flowers, innovative products, and exemplary customer service, we have consistently maintained our position as an industry leader.

Founded in 1990 by George Malavenda and Brian Lee, Nature’s Flowers has been at the forefront of floral importing innovation from its infancy. One of the most notable differences that Nature’s flowers has made to the mass-market floral industry is the construction of bouquets at the farm level. Nature’s pioneered this process, which has now become standard across the industry. This deviation from conventional industry practices drastically reduced the amount of time that it took for flowers to make it from farm to store, and therefore guaranteed the freshest possible product was being displayed.

Nature’s flowers sets the standard for customer service and prides itself on maintaining strong relationships with associated buyers. We are proud to service retailers such as Kroger, Albertson’s Group, Costco, Walmart, Publix, and Whole Foods, just to name a few.

Why Choose Us

Dedication to Quality

Our quality-first approach means that we are proud to grow the most consistent, highest quality flowers in supermarkets today.

Economies of Scale

With 20+ farms, we are the World’s largest cut-flower exporter out of Colombia, positioning us to project and plan  production well in advance, allowing us to fill any order.

Customer Service

Constantly adapting to customer feedback, monitoring sell-through and being inline with current trends means that we always work to maximize your sales. 

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