Environmental Sustainability

If not carefully regulated, floral farming can cause massive destruction to native fauna and flora. That is why Nature’s Flowers is proud to practice the strictest environmental standards in the industry. These practices serve to maintain biodiversity by reducing waste, conserving soil and water, and reducing harmful chemicals, etc.

Sustainable Social Practices

Social sustainability is also a focus of Nature’s Flowers. Safe, comfortable work environments, medical care, and education are provided to all farm workers. Also there is a dentist on-site at all times and affordable dental care is available every day of the week.

Economic Viability

Fair compensation for farm workers is important as floral farms employ such a large number of workers from rural communities around Colombia. A lot of these families are reliant on the industry created by floral faming and thus, Nature’s Flowers is proud to adhere to the strict employment guidelines set by the Colombian government and by the Rainforest Alliance team.

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